Oleuropeina ed Idrossitirosolo

Powerful antioxidants contained in the olive leaves and the oil are used in cosmetics and herbal teas from Frantoio Manestrini

We often talk about the wonderful properties of olive oil. Obviously “good” extra virgin olive oil, not the fake and “stretched” one with other poor oils and substances that cover bad smell and taste. However, there is another component of this magnificent tree, meaning the olive tree, which can be used for our benefit: its leaves.

A series of studies have revealed what was already clear in ancient cultures: the olive leaves infusions can have extraordinary health properties, helping us fight a wide range of problems.

The power of the leaves comes from the phytochemical properties possessed by the plant, useful to protect it from diseases and parasites. Two of these important are called oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol, they are the active ingredients who are the most importantly responsible for the beneficial effects on human health.

For some years now, Frantoio Manestrini has been selecting and researching these elements, and from the multiple properties of olive leaves, in synergy with human-friendly plants and herbs, natural functional teas are born “guaranteed by mother nature”: we are speaking about the after-meal herbal tea, the relaxing herbal tea, the wellness herbal tea. Herbal teas that, if they’re taken regularly, give well-being to the body.

The olive leaves are characterized by carrying out a large number of properties: first of all, we must highlight the febrifugal, astringent, and slightly antiseptic properties.

The leaves of the olive tree are also characterized by carrying out an excellent hypoglycemic activity and are often also used in the phytotherapeutic field, especially due to the fact that they are able to guarantee an excellent vasodilator activity, capable of reducing blood pressure, both the maximum and the minimum bringing it back within the physiological limits

In general, the use of this remedy does not involve major contraindications. However, it is not to be considered a medicine, it is an aid to well-being but does not replace traditional medicine.

To prepare the decoction of olive leaves you can use both fresh leaves and dried leaves but you need a large amount and must not have been treated with pesticides.

In the preparation of its herbal teas, Frantoio Manestrini uses dried leaves combined with medicinal plants.

Herbal teas with olive leaves and the extraordinary infusion can be purchased directly at the Frantoio Manestrini or by ordering them through our online shop.