Manestrini Oil Mill

A Franciscan convent, dedicated to San Rocco, stood in the heart of the Valtenesi from the mid-fourteenth century until the late eighteenth century. The stone structures found in the area show that an oil mill was operating already in these times. After two hundred years, a new oil mill was built in the same place in 1960.

Azienda Esterno
FrantoioManestrini Azienda Olive Decorazione

Passion and competence

Continuing the tradition imposed on him by his place of birth, with passion and expertise, Egidio Manestrini has managed to create an Agricultural Estate that has reached a prominent position in the production of Garda Bresciano Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Manestrini Agricultural Estate also has the help of Nicoletta, his daughter, who is a professional taster.

Nicoletta e Egidio
Raccolta Olive

The particular focus on quality has resulted in considerable recognition at a national level: at the “Ercole Olivario for quality” National Competition – Spoleto; “Orciolo d’Oro” award of the Henohobby Club of the Colli Malatestiani – Gradara, and various regional awards. These awards were achieved thanks to the meticulous attention given to production, with constant controls of the product “from the olive tree to the bottle”: carefully following pruning, harvesting of the olives, milling (performed using modern and innovative plants) and bottling.