Our history

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Fifty years history in the olive growing sector.

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The oil pressing process dates back to approx. 5000 B.C.
The processing principle has not changed much since then, however tools and machinery have undergone major changes over the centuries. A stone mortar was used in those times, which had a cavity where the olives were crushed by hand with the aid of an elongated and round stone.

The paste was positioned and expanded over a dense circle made up from olive branches (prototypes of the current pressing mats) and then placed on a flat stone. Other stones were placed on this, the weight of which allowed the liquid part to flow out.

The Manestrini Agricultural Estate has been producing high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for over 40 years, thanks to constant technological innovation and attention to production, via thorough controls of the product.

Pruning, harvesting of the olives and milling are performed directly, following the principles of the latest studies on the subject of olive growing.