The Oil Manestrini is woman

The history of Frantoio Manestrini begins back in 1880, when the family acquired an old manor house, built on the ruins of a Franciscan convent of 1300.

The company Manestrini planted the first olive trees almost 150 ago and since then, with passion and dedication, follows the olive groves and the production of oil.

It produces five types of extra virgin olive oil: Garda Bresciano DOP Oil, two monovarietals “Leccino” and ” Casaliva” , an EVO Oil 100% italian and a Biological EVO 100% italian.

It is a very active and involved company in making “system”, which in the territory finds a strong bond unique and unrepeatable.

Nicoletta Manestrini, daughter of the founder Egidio, has been driving the mill for several years promoting the product with passion and supporting the various associations of which she is part.

Oil is one of the most representative products of Italy and its tradition: it’s a great symbol of the union between respect for the environment, technical developments, the spread and protection of quality . It is in this key of reading that is placed the Frantoio Manestrini.

Nicoletta Manestrini says:

The genuineness and diffusion of agri-food products are a social necessity. Central is the role of the territory, because the quality and authenticity of food go hand in hand with the tradition established in the cultivation and breeding of local peoples and communities, the result of millennial experiences. With the same philosophy was born my volunteering activity. I am a lucky woman, I live among the olive trees, a symbol of peace and prosperity, so I want to help people in need. I started with the association Lankama ( which deals with the growth and education of orphaned children in villages in southern India.

I recently started a project to support the associations ‘Casa delle Donne’ and ‘Acque Chiare’, hoping to produce real and significant changes in the lives of abused women and their sons/daughters.”

Physical, psychological, sexual and economic violence against women is widespread throughout the world and can be considered a structural phenomenon of human rights violations; it affects at least one in three women, regardless of age, culture and social class. The path of liberation is not simple and requires competent and empathetic support. At an anti-violence centre a woman receives free listening, reception, psychological and legal support, orientation to the independence of housing and work, all this in the substantial lack of resources of the centers themselves. Nicoletta Manestrini has created a line of extra virgin olive oil “Paloma Rossa” dedicated to fundraising, to support the activity of two local associations against the gender-based violence: Casa delle Donne Cad and Acque Chiare ( For each bottle sold, part of the proceeds is donated to the two associations.

At the Frantoio Manestrini you can buy bottles dedicated to the project, taste the oil produced directly from their olives and you can buy some typical products of Lake Garda: wines, grappa, olives and vegetables in oil, flavored oils, sauces and pasta, as well as natural cosmetics based on extra virgin olive oil.