Visits to the oil mill and guided oil tastings

Our visits represent the perfect opportunity to experience an immersive journey in the fascinating world of extra virgin olive oil.
You will take part in a short, but interesting experience, at the end you will look at the oil with new and enthusiastic eyes.
The visit includes two different moments.
A first moment reserved for the olive groves and the production area; a second dedicated instead to a guided tasting, which involves an analysis of the organoleptic profile of the different types of extra virgin olive oils produced by the mill.
Through the story of the product, it is our will to make you more aware, providing you with the necessary tools to recognize and know how to appreciate a top-quality extra virgin olive oil.

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It is possible to participate in the activity by reservation only for a cost of € 15,00 per person – free for children under 10.

If desired, there is also an option that includes the possibility of experiencing a third moment: an aperitif, during which it’s possible to taste wine and other typical products of the Garda and Valtenesi area.

In this case the total cost is € 25.00 per person – free for children under 10.

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